We know the world and technology are rapidly changing. We strive to keep up and help steer. Supporting your ideas and improving population health with innovation based on your feedback is important to us.

We don't want to build in a lab and sell you our accomplishments. We want to work with you and have you to tell us what needs to be created so we can focus on meeting those needs.

Our innovation is only important if you say it is.






This is a comprehensive health metric that quantifies all of your effort and behaviors supporting physical activity, nutrition and mental health. It simplifies the management of the multiple factors of total health. 

It serves as a long-term indicator of your wellness journey. Establish a baseline and then focus on maintenance and improvement of the score (like a credit score).


Activity Score

This is a metric that represents how active you are. Your workouts, sleep, intensity, etc. This creates one score that you can use to share your journey (or compete) with people that have different interests or fitness levels. 

You improve it by being more active and more consistent (and setting goals and challenges to push yourself).


3P Scale


The activities, interventions, and scale outlined by “Practice, Prepare, Perform” (or 3P) are specifically targeting teaching and coaching skills that help cultivate peak performance. Our goal is to give you the skills to perform at your personal best while also increasing longevity. 


Practice, Prepare, Perform will help you build a lifestyle (not just a moment) of success, healthy hyper-focus, goal setting, and new personal records. 

This is not just “positive thinking.” This is meeting your potential. When we can control our thoughts and focus on our goal, we have the ability to perform at our personal highest level. It’s cultivating attention purposefully. It’s paying attention. Paying attention to what? It’s paying attention to what you consciously decide. 


Nutrition Awareness

7-Question Assessment to determine your relationship with food and nutrition. 

Interventions will be initiated based on the results of the assessment. The process and experience of having a personal nutrition consultant has been automated to help you optimize your life with food.




With Artificial Intelligence at its core, the TĒM app allows for real-time aggregation of health and wellness data for individuals and communities as a whole. KPI metrics can be established and instant reporting will allow for monitoring the shifts in data and trends over time. Segmentation modeling shows the change in common patterns amongst population segments, while predictive modeling allows for a future outlook of where the individual and community are heading. TEM provides a Balanced Health Radar which shows scoring in 6 major areas of measurement. It quickly shows where strong and weaker areas are, AI then allows for recommendations on how to increase lacking areas using the understanding of the interconnected nature of health and wellness metrics. This can be looked at from an individual and community standpoint, thus allowing for custom individual and population-based action plans to be developed.

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